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Clock AC-100 Robot
Clock AC-100 Robot ® by Casio®
Clock AC-100 Robot
Clock AC-100 Robot ® by Casio®
Clock AC-200 Robot
Clock AC-200 Robot ® by Casio®
Clock Robot
Clock Robot
Future Pup Robot
Future Pup
Megabyte Robot
Megabyte Robot
Walking Pup Robot
Walking Pup by Tech Pets
Robo Fan Robot
Robo Fan
Tekno Robot
Tekno ® by Equest®
i-Cybie Robot
i-Cybie ® by Silverman®
BN-1 Robot
BN-1 ®
Radio Robot
Robot Radio
Telephone Orgel Robo Robot
Telephone Orgel Robo - TELE-KYU
Sun Star Stationary Co.
Communication Robo U-1 Robot
Communication Robo U-1 by Bandai
ROBO Robot
Robots are rapidly becoming part of our everyday life. You can order them from online stores, and when you go to the toy store they are all over the place. In 1980 they were new ideas and the first real wave of robots were coming off the production lines. Now they are everywhere and are used throughout our lifestyles. Although robots were once laboratory curiosities, they are now within anyone's reach. Now you can own a robot, mechanical servant (???), entertaining companion? Yes! We are not quite there yet, but let us not forget the first wave and the pioneers that helped introduce them to us, and the hobbyist that still carry on some of the work. This site is dedicated to the robots of yesterday, today and tomorrow.

Source: My Collection - Updated 11-14-2007